GreenWood Investors is a mostly-long, deep value investment firm focused on areas of extreme pessimism, structural inefficiencies and low competition.


We share our insights with our sophisticated investors and welcome feedback from our continuously-building network which includes a great diversity of view points and wide-ranging areas of expertise.

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GreenWood Investors is known for producing valuable in-depth research on its investment ideas. It’s award-winning and company-changing.

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GreenWood Investors hunts for investments globally and our framework maximizes the risk-adjusted return profile of our portfolio while optimizing the qualitative success factors on a continuum to ensure a wide variety of actionable opportunities.

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GreenWood Investors Traditional Composite has outperformed the MSCI All World index by 283% since its inception in August 2008 (as of February 2018).

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Steven Wood, CFA, who has focused distressed, deep value and special situations investment strategies, founded GreenWood Investors based on differentiated core beliefs that great investments must look beyond monthly returns, and that investors should have full transparency and liquidity of their holdings.