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Who We Are

GreenWood Investors is a bottom-up, mostly long, concentrated and constructivist global investment firm focused on areas of pessimism, structural inefficiencies and low competition. 

Our framework maximizes the risk-adjusted return profile of our portfolio while optimizing the qualitative and behavioral success factors on a continuum to ensure a wide variety of actionable opportunities.  

This style and framework results in a concentrated portfolio of great managers building under-appreciated companies during transformational moments in their history. Our engagement with these managers seeks to help accelerate the value creation.

What We Do

Our framework directs our intensive investigative efforts on a wide array of opportunities, which get published and closely disseminated in order to solicit feedback and continuously improve the analysis.

Our collaborative network of partners, comprised of sophisticated investors, entrepreneurs and business owners, help us both find and diligence this steady stream of global opportunities.

We are particularly attracted to business builders, and engage our investments to improve the business trajectory and make decisions for long-term stakeholder success.

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