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The world is our oyster. Our framework maximizes the risk-adjusted return profile of our portfolio while optimizing the qualitative success factors on a continuum to ensure a wide variety of actionable opportunities.

A Quantum Mechanics Process

Our process uses the maxims proved by quantum mechanics, where by we seek to invest in areas where emotions, volatility and noise have priced assets that have skewed potentialities. We then seek to ensure that the qualitative success factors are optimized on a continuum to drive performance of these assets. We shun the catalyst approach, and instead build a fundamental roadmap. Guided by an intense research process, we fly by instrument when fog covers the flight plan.

Constant Evolution

We continuously incorporate incremental data points and conversations to reassess each opportunity in real time. This reduces opportunity costs, allows us to quickly focus on the value-levers of any opportunity and better ensures we’re only working on the most timely and attractive prospect in the ever-expanding pipeline. We continuously re-allocate capital to the most timely positions, ensuring our portfolio is always actionable and timely – this is our purpose.

Tailor-made Approach

Our framework for evaluating the qualitative and quantitative aspects of each business helps us structure a tailor-made approach to each situation based on its unique and specific attributes. Our deep diligence process builds a mosaic of material we use to base our portfolio decisions.

Collaborative Network

We share our insights and welcome feedback from our continuously-building network which includes a great diversity of view points and wide-ranging areas of expertise. We build relationships rather than “network” transactionally, and this approach helps us find experts in the least likely places.

Vignette on Our Process

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