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Fourth Quarter 2020 Letter

Estimated Reading Time: 14 minutes Click here to read this letter in PDF format. Speed Read:  We remain encouraged, but not satisfied, by the out-performance in the quarter which restored the long term, through-the-cycle, track record back to our minimum…

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Third Quarter 2020 Letter

This quarter's 4-page letter discusses why we’re encouraged about the progress we’ve made on three fronts: 1) in performance (+15.4% in the fund, or 7.2% alpha), 2) further fundamental transformation at CTT which will be more evident in the quarters ahead…

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Second Quarter 2020 Letter

Click here to read the second quarter 2020 letter to investors. This one is highly analytical in picking apart our performance, exposures and factor drivers. In it, I explain why we’ve chosen companies off the beaten path, yet remain exposed…

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The -£17B Engine

We're delighted to provide a research update on one of our favorite positions, Rolls-Royce. Click here to read "The -£17B Engine" After you read the note, please take a stab at predicting your own forecast of what the company's fundamentals…

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Demystifying Aviation Economics

By Steven Wood, Monday, March 25, 2019 Demystifying Fuel Burn  This article was written on a transatlantic Air France flight on a Boeing 777-300 aircraft. It’s one of the least efficient flights across the pond, and is a dying breed -…

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