GreenWood Investors is known for producing valuable in-depth research on its investment ideas. Our research is award-winning and company-changing.

We are known for producing valuable in-depth research on our investment ideas. The research has  improved the corporate strategy at well-known international companies and has won numerous awards from multiple respected organizations. This research, once only available to our investors, is now open to all.

Almost all of the companies we write about tell us that our reports are far more comprehensive than sell-side equity research. We get incredibly granular as we focus on value-driving levers, and not only do we share our research notes, but also our models, conversation notes and industry notes. We also dynamically update this research, as we’re putting our money where our mouth is, and post updated models and flash notes frequently and concurrently with thesis-changing developments. Given the frequency of updates, and for convenience sake, we’re allowing interested investors to subscribe and save in order to get these more regular and comprehensive updates.

Recent Activity:
2/6/18 – MEI Pharma: flash note added
1/18/18 – Flybe: refreshed model added
1/17/18 – Telecom Italia: flash note added
1/16/18 – Piaggio: refreshed model added
1/12/18 – Telecom Italia: refreshed model added
1/11/18 – Altisource Residential: refreshed model added
12/30/17 – Telecom Italia: Research update and model added
11/26/17 – TripAdvisor: Research update and model added
11/8/17 – MEI Pharma: Flash note and updated model added
11/7/17 – New York REIT: Refreshed model added
10/25/17 – New York REIT: Research update note and refreshed model added
10/17/17 – MEI Pharma: Flash note and refreshed model added
8/9/17 – TripAdvisor: Flash note and refreshed model added
8/6/17 – Ferrari: refreshed model added
8/2/17 – Flybe: research update note added
8/2/17 – New York REIT: management conversation notes added
7/31/17 – Flybe: management conversation notes and refreshed model added
7/23/17 – TripAdvisor: original research note and model added
7/11/17 – TripAdvisor: presentation added
7/6/17 – Telecom Italia: meeting notes added
7/4/17 – Piaggio: investment & scooter tour video added
7/3/17 – Ocado: 2-Pager and Portfolio Page added
7/3/17 – Ferrari: Factory tour & meeting notes posted
6/26/17 – TripAdvisor: 2-Pager and Portfolio Page added
6/23/17 – Bolloré/Vivendi: Meeting notes added
6/22/17 – Bolloré: Meeting notes added
6/21/17 – Rolls Royce: Meeting notes added
6/19/17 – Bolloré: Meeting notes added
6/8/17 – New York REIT: Annual meeting notes added
6/7/17 – Leonardo: Flash note post-mortem added
5/31/17 – MEI Pharma: Flash note and updated model added
5/27/17 – Telecom Italia: Video added
5/21/17 – Whole Foods Market: Presentation video added
5/20/17 – New York REIT: Original research & model added on this new position
5/18/17 – Bolloré: Updated research & model added
5/11/17 – Awilco: Updated model & commentary added
5/10/17 – Whole Foods: Updated model added
5/4/17 – Ferrari: Updated model added
5/1/17 – MEI Pharma: Research note & model added
4/25/17 – Whole Foods: Original research & model added
3/29/17 – Whole Foods: Presentation added
3/22/17 – MEI Pharma: Meeting notes added
3/15/17 – Whole Foods: new page added
3/1/17 –  Altisource Residential: Updated model added
2/28/17 – Altisource Residential: Flash note added
2/24/17 – Leonardo: Updated research note added
2/20/17 – Rolls-Royce Research: Update note added
2/17/17 – Rolls-Royce: Updated model added
2/2/17 – Ferrari: Flash note and updated model added
1/13/17 – Bolloré: Conversation notes and video added
1/6/17 – Telecom Italia: Best Ideas 2017 Presentation added
1/6/17 – Bolloré: Management meeting notes and Best Ideas 2017 Presentation added
12/22/16 – Altisource Residential: Page refreshed, new model and new research note added
12/16/16 – Bolloré: Page and research note added
12/6/16 – Telecom Italia: Research note and model added

Research Access Subscription

Do you want all-level access to everything we’ve worked on both today and in the past? We allow investors with a high focus overlap to have all-access to our research notes, models and conversation notes from various meetings. In addition, we keep all old research that we’ve produced as well as postmortems on all closed positions. Of course, you could actually get all of this access for free by simply becoming a GreenWood Investor.

What's included

As a subscriber, you will receive access to everything that we publish for all names, including updates, which occur every time we adjust our assumptions for any name. Accessible items can include, but are not limited to the following:

Research reports
Valuation models
Flash note updates
Management conversation notes
Industry notes

Our Research has been Featured In:

Are you an institutional investor?

We want to hear from you. You can contribute to our process via soft dollars, as we are a research provider through Westminster Research.

Of course, GreenWood Investors get access to all of this content at no additional cost.

Award Winning Research:

Our research has won numerous awards, including the the recent top prize in FactSet / SumZero’s Top Idea Tournament. Our research on Finmeccanica won the highest number of votes and first place points than any other idea in any of SumZero’s previous contests. We were so happy to receive these important awards, and have added them to our growing list of accolades our deep fundamental research has received.

Read more here.

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