GreenWood Investors is known for producing valuable in-depth research on its investment ideas. Our research is award-winning and company-changing.

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Research Reports

We make most of our initiation notes available to all based on a suggested contribution basis.  The following reports are currently available:

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Research Videos

We all have no shortage of reading material, and it’s hard to find time to stay on top of everything. Our old investor conference calls were boring. Our videos are getting better and better, and carry the same heft of information our research reports do.

Telecom Italia (May 2017)

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Bolloré (January 2017)

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EXOR (May 2016)

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Rolls Royce (August 2015)

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Fiat-Chrysler (August 2015)

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Finmeccanica (December 2014)

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Fiat (January 2014)

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Fiat V Tesla (October 2013)

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Apple (June 2013)

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Award-Winning Research

Our research has won numerous awards, from the Sohn Foundation and seven from Sumzero, including the top prize in FactSet / SumZero’s Top Idea Tournament. Our research on Finmeccanica won the highest number of votes and first place points than any other idea in any of SumZero’s previous contests. We were so happy to receive these important awards, and have added them to our growing list of accolades our deep fundamental research has received.

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