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We all have no shortage of reading material, and it’s hard to find time to stay on top of everything. You can watch our quick research summaries in this video library.

Leigh Curyer (10/21)

Julian Dunkerton (5/21)

Dave Cote (3/21)

Sir Martin Sorrell (1/21)

MEI Pharma: Finding Value in Biotech (1/20)

Intuition & Noise (11/19)

Superforecasting (10/19)

TripAdvisor: The Trip of the Year (7/17)

Piaggio: The Original Disrupter (7/17)

Telecom Italia: Calling on Italy (5/17)

Bolloré: Spring is Coming (1/17)

Exor: Lollapalooza (5/16)

Rolls-Royce: The Perfect Storm (8/15)

Fiat Chrysler: Buckle Up (8/15)

Finmeccanica: Volare (12/14)

Fiat: The Two Year Honeymoon (1/14)

Fiat v Tesla (10/13)

Apple: The Forbidden Fruit (6/13)

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