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The -£17B Engine

We're delighted to provide a research update on one of our favorite positions, Rolls-Royce. Click here to read "The -£17B Engine" After you read the note, please take a stab at predicting your own forecast of what the company's fundamentals…

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Demystifying Aviation Economics

By Steven Wood, Monday, March 25, 2019 Demystifying Fuel Burn  This article was written on a transatlantic Air France flight on a Boeing 777-300 aircraft. It’s one of the least efficient flights across the pond, and is a dying breed -…

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Second Quarter 2016 Updates

Please click here to read our brief quarterly letter reviewing our opportunity set and a couple new positions. Additionally, our presentation on EXOR was selected by the Ira Sohn foundation as a finalist in the stock-picking contest. I’m convinced the…

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Fourth Quarter 2015 Letter

Please click here to read our short quarterly letter reviewing our year, and how we’re thinking about the beginning of 2016 - which has of course been full of fireworks! Summary: Prior to the year, we already trimmed or eliminated some illiquid and…

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Rolls Royce Update: The Perfect Storm

Subsequent to Rolls Royce's investor day, and the incremental "headwinds," flagged by Warren East, we've updated our research on the company. We believe East has been aggressively bearish in his "headwinds," which are not guidance, and ignore several hundred million…

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Third Quarter 2015 Letter

Our third quarter letter reviews our process and its increasing ability to predict future returns. Every time our portfolio's risk-adjusted return has hit high levels, subsequent performance has been strong. It remains above 20x, and above the previous record-high from…

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