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Mental Model: Price Incentives

What better day to discuss the power of price incentives on a business than Black Friday? There is none, and so let’s dive right in with our thesis: temporary price incentives undermine the quality of the demand for a company’s…

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EXOR Video: Lollapalooza

We were so pleased to be named a finalist to present at the Ira Sohn conference, and are happy to share our prepared presentation in its proper presented format in youtube. Front-Running the Next Sohn Every idea we've submitted to past…

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What if the Market is Right?

In a Nutshell: In a matter of one month, traders in shares of Fiat-Chrysler and Ferrari have fully baked-in a full-fledged financial crisis into the stock valuations. EXOR’s discount to NAV has gone from under 20% to over 40% in…

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