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Third Quarter 2020 Letter

This quarter's 4-page letter discusses why we’re encouraged about the progress we’ve made on three fronts: 1) in performance (+15.4% in the fund, or 7.2% alpha), 2) further fundamental transformation at CTT which will be more evident in the quarters ahead…

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Thinking Now & Later

Before it was cool to dump on General Electric and its “we must beat the quarter” Jack Welch-era style management, in a public manner, David Cote did so by proving there was a better way. In his new book, Winning…

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Noise, Intuition & Judgement

At our investor day in September, we spoke with Dr. Phil Tetlock about the roles of noise filtering, intuition and game theory in good decision-making. We also kicked off a new Superforecasting trial that we're conducting with our investors in…

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Second Quarter 2016 Updates

Please click here to read our brief quarterly letter reviewing our opportunity set and a couple new positions. Additionally, our presentation on EXOR was selected by the Ira Sohn foundation as a finalist in the stock-picking contest. I’m convinced the…

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EXOR Video: Lollapalooza

We were so pleased to be named a finalist to present at the Ira Sohn conference, and are happy to share our prepared presentation in its proper presented format in youtube. Front-Running the Next Sohn Every idea we've submitted to past…

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